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GIN-ICHI – A name that has stood for quality, integrity and exceptional service for over 55 years

First formed as a tiny 40sq.ft niche store dedicated to large format cameras. From those humble beginnings, Gin-Ichi has blossomed into a photography supply company with over 60 staff. That can meet the needs of the most demanding professional.

Throughout our long history, it has been our goal to earn the trust and respect of our customers, be they amateur or professional. We have come to understand that long-term customer satisfaction depends on our ability to maintain excellent customer relations and offer the best solutions.

We know that professional photographers are the most demanding of our customer groups, and we are aware that their repeat business is essential to our continued success. Therefore we developed the phrase “The Professionals Source”. We use this to describe our business focus and as a promise that we
are dedicated to keeping. That we must give each and every customer the kind of respect and dependable assistance that we would extend to a professional.

These core beliefs have made Gin-lchi Japan’s leading retailer of professional photographic equipment and inkjet graphic products, serving customers through our Tsukishima retail store, online shop and direct delivery. Thousands of satisfied customers stand in testament to the success of our efforts.

We are constantly striving to find the perfect solutions for our customers, both old and new. As a result of this, we have now started offering digital video support and lighting solutions at Studioshop, because we understand that the professional must face up to ever changing imaging demands. We hope that you can come and experience our passion for photography, and let us help you find exactly what you need.

Now for The Important Information

Established in 1956 in Shimbashi, Tokyo. We became the company known as Gin-lchi in 1960 after relocating to Ginza, Tokyo. At this point Gin-lchi became a joint stock corporation.

In the 1970’s,always looking for innovation, Gin-lchi began importing products from overseas and developing a more efficient distribution network for the domestic markets. Throughout the 80’s Gin-lchi expanded its overseas business, with a joint venture in the USA with Setworks Inc, the development of the overseas division, and the acquisition of a new head office in Ginza.

Continuing the tradition of innovation, Gin-lchi became the first professional digital supply shop in Japan in 1993. Also in the 90’s the Setworks Japan business was moved to Tsukishima in Chuo Ku, Tokyo. The distribution center was also moved to the same location, enabling the high-speed distribution of professional photography supplies.

In 2006 Gin-lchi celebrated its 50th anniversary by moving the head offices to its own building in Ginza. And in 2007 Gin-lchi opened a new flagship retail space for Crumpler bags in the heart of Ginza shopping district – rapidly earning success in fashion/outdoor marketing. In 2009 Gin-lchi merged Studioshop and Photoshop into the new one-stop shop ‘Gin-lchi Studioshop’ in our open and spacious Tsukishima location, and this helped us to work more efficiently. In 2013 re-opened a legendary second-hand camera salon “CO-CO” in Ginza. We now exclusively distribute not only photo/motion picture equipment, but also variety of outdoor gear. We will keep on providing innovation for years to come.

Distribution lines – Import –

Professional photo equipment

Domke bags (Journalist’s camera bags)
imported from The Tiffen Company
ThinkTANKPhoto (Camera bags for Sports photographers) imported from ThinkTANKPhoto
OP/TECH USA (Neoprene camera straps & pouches) imported from OP/TECH
LensCoat camouflage products (protective cover for camera lenses)
Imported from LensCoat
Tethertools (tethering equipment for photography)
imported from TetherTools
Magiclee (Premium jnkjet media)
imported from Coveris Advanced Coatings
Peak Design (Camera clips & Straps)
imported from Peak Design
Mind Shift Gear (Outdoor camera bags)
imported from thinkTANKPhoto
SetShop (Set items & SetPaper)
imported from Set Shop, Inc.
Miggo (Neoprene camera straps / pouches)
imported from Miggo

Outdoor & fashion market, Computer & Photo

Crumpler (Fashion & functional bags)
imported from Crumpler

Film& Video equipment

Steadicam (Stabilizers for motion picture cameras)
imported from the Tiffen Company
Chrosziel ( Support rigs/accessories for motion picture cameras)
imported from Chrosziel GmbH
CamCaddie (Support rigs for DSLR/Handheld video cameras)
imported from Filmtools
Tiffen (Filters for photo/cinema industry)
imported from The Tiffen Company
Lowel photo & video lighting (fluorescent, tungsten, and LED)
imported from The Tiffen Company
ATOMOS (Field Recorder / Comverter)
imported from ATOMOS
Syrp (Motion picture capture device & accessories)
imported from Syrp
New Zealand
RØDE Microphones (Cameraon & Broadcast microphones)
imported from RØDE Microphones

Distribution lines – Export –

Professional photo equipment

GRAMAS (Camera LCD protection Glass)
Produce by GIN-ICHI Corp.
Fujin (Single-lens reflex camera cleaner)
Made in Japan
Sunstar Strobo (High quality lighting system)
Made in Japan
Silk Grey Card, Diffusion Materials, Studio Equipmet (Light Stand, Umbrella etc…)
Original by GIN-ICHI

Contact Details

Gin-Ichi Corporation (Gin-lchi KK)

President / CEO, Toshinari Niwa
Executive Director, Hideaki Ogawa

Gin-Ichi Head Office

3-11-14 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Corporate Website: http://www.ginichi.co.jp/
New and Professional Establishment Enquires +81 (3) 5550 5036
Fax: +81 (3) 3451 2445

Gin-Ichi Studioshop (pro shop &rental)

1-14-9 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0052, Japan
Website: http://www.studioshop.jp/
Phone: +81 (3) 5548 5131
Fax: +81 (3) 5548 5135
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am – 6.30pm, Sat 11 am – 5pm

Gin-Ichi e-commerce Div. (online direct sales)

1-14-9 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0052, Japan
e-commerce website: http://www.ginichi.com/
Phone: +81 (3) 3536 5800
Fax: +81 (3) 5548 5612
Office hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am – 6.30pm

Steadicam Customer Support Representative

1-14-9 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0052, Japan
Website: http://steadicam.jp/
Phone: +81 (3) 5550 5036
Fax: +81 (3) 3451 2445
Opening hours: By appointment only

CO-CO Gin-Ichi Camera Salon

3-11-14 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Phone: +81 (3) 3544 4690
Fax: +81 (3) 3544 4691
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12pm – 7pm Colosed on Mondays and Holidays

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